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BREAKING: Charles Manson Dead at 83 – Here Are the Details

The psychotic and notorious mastermind killer, Charles Manson, died this Sunday evening.

He became known worldwide back in the 60’s, mentioned in various forensic and criminal cases and book studies.

Our source, Silence is Consent, reminds us of some of the many victims of his cruel hand and twisted mind, in case we start  mourning his death. Apparently, in 1969 he was on a rampage across Los Angeles!

If we take a look of some of the victims in this period, he was probably trying to become popular this way. Actress Sharon Tate was one of his victims (who was eight months pregnant), writer Wojciech Frykowski, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebringand, Steven Parent, coffee fortune heiress Abigail Folger… They all died at the home of movie producer and writer, Roman Polanski on the tragic August 9, 1969. But, it seems he didn’t satisfy his killing thirst. The very next night, supermarket head chief Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, were killed in their home. Before the murders, Manson was aspiring a career in the L.A. music scene. From the obvious discourse, something must have happened that triggered his mind towards twisted deeds and actions.

To get back on track with the story of this famous criminal’s death, we have details from a Hollywood reporter. Sister Debra, who works in a Bakersfield hospital in California, received a call from the Corcoran State Prison in Calif, where Manson was located, after his conviction (of conspiracy to commit the murders), since January 1971.  He was transported from the prison and died in the Bakersfield hospital the Sunday evening, 19th November. He was aged 83.

After he learned to play the guitar in prison, he connected with Byrds producer, Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson from The Beach Boys. This famous group made a cover of one of his songs. Even further, Manson recorded 13 songs that were released as folk album, entitled Lie: The Love and Terror Cult. The money from the release helped him pay for his defense while he was under murder trial. He was serving multiple life sentences at the time of his death.

Further details will be announced as soon as possible.




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